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History, Adventure, and Outdoors- Matewan, WV

This little town has been no stranger to conflict and misunderstandings. Rich in history you can learn about the mine wars of Mingo county, the Hatfield McCoy feud, and more recently the Matewan Massacre. Once you are drawn in by the history we have something to entertain everyone. Hit the river in a kayak or on the air boat, join a guided tour and hit the trails.  


We are as small town USA as it gets. We are a tight knit community that knows when their neighbors dog is sick before it even hit the book or the gram. We have a deep love for our town, our people, and everyone that visits. 

We encourage you to make yourself at home in our town. Matewan rolls out the red carpet on outdoor adventure. Home to the Devil Anse Trail head, you have direct access to trail 21 from right in town. The town offers shops, stores, food and adventure. 


Have you ever been interested in coal, how it is mined, the equipment it takes to get it out of the mountains and where it goes once it is out? The folks at Appalachian lost and found have all the answers to those questions and more. Be sure to mingle through town and meet the folks running the local shops. Most were born and raised here.

Devil Anse Trail

Devil Anse Trail System links up to two other Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems- Rockhouse and Buffalo Mountain- totaling over 300 miles. The trailhead is located in the town of Matewan, historically known for being the heart of the Hatfield McCoy Feud. The trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging.

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