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Need a Tow? Broke Down on the trails?

This is where you will find the people focused on your safety and the condition of your machine after an accident or mechanical breakdown.

The Dirty Hooker Off Road Recovery

423.312.9670 call or text 24/7 we will respond ASAP. We do not always have service but when we get it we will get out to you in the order in which you reached out. We will have 3 recovery units on the trails in 2022.

Eastman Motorsports ATV Repair

Phone: 304.785.9449    Address: 1821 WV-49 Matewan, WV 

Hours: Monday - Saturday  10 am-6 pm

We want to be the go-to mechanic for your ATV, UTV, and Dirt Bike repairs. Riding is more than a passion for us, it's our way of life.


Try N Something New Adventures

Phone: 336.847.7883    Address: 1791 WV-49 Matewan, WV 

Let us inspire your next SxS rental adventure! 

Delivery & Pick Up services available.  Reserve Now

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